President Jacob Zuma at the ANC's NEC meeting in September

Gallo Images/City Press/Herman Verwey

"This has not been the first blunder made by Zuma or his leadership," said CDP leader Theunis Botha in a statement.

"Not long ago, the ANC top brass was unhappy about the powers the courts have, to overturn unconstitutional legislation, passed by majority vote."

Zuma's remark earlier in the week about the majority ruling in a democracy were "misconstrued", the presidency said on Sunday.

Zuma told Parliament on Thursday that the majority ruled in a democracy.

"You have more rights because you're a majority; you have less rights because you're a minority. That's how democracy works," he said.

The Office of the Presidency later issued a statement that said Zuma's remarks had been misconstrued and reaffirmed his commitment to equal rights.

Botha said he believed the ANC was not committed to the rights of minorities, regardless of a statement from the Presidency.

"The mere fact that the ANC has an official policy of cadre deployment as well as race-based affirmative action without a sunset clause, rather than corrective action as is constitutionally meant, is sufficient proof that the ANC does not understand the principle of equal rights."