The Aveng Group has officially opened an office in the Mozambican capital of Maputo.

The opening follows several years of successful operations in the country and confirms the broad geographical focus of the Aveng Group. Aveng currently operates in 30 countries. The move will see Aveng consolidate its operations in the country and strengthen the group’s overall offering in Mozambique.

The group is currently completing the construction of a R160m plant for the manufacture of infrastructure products in Tete.

Speaking at the opening‚ Aveng CEO Roger Jardine said‚ “The step that we are taking today formalises our long-standing relationship with Mozambique and it is a strong indication of our belief in the increasing importance of Mozambique within the region as well as in the people‚ opportunities and future of the country. This is an exciting period in the history of Mozambique‚ with the relatively high and sustained economic growth promising greater prosperity and opportunity for all Mozambicans.”

Despite its recent rapid economic growth Mozambique’s infrastructure is in poor condition. The government has now identified a number of ‘growth corridors’ where substantial investment is gradually improving the network. Investment by resources companies is largely driving infrastructure development‚ improving road networks‚ major ports and most notably‚ Mozambique’s 3‚000km of railway track. Improved railway lines are providing the backbone to Mozambique’s emerging growth corridors‚ which are intended to provide an attractive business environment for foreign investment. It is through this improvement of infrastructure‚ including cross-border infrastructure that Aveng will be able to capitalise on the growth opportunities offered by being part of a global economy as it strengthens its ability to trade with other countries in Africa.

Jardine added: “This is just the beginning. There is much work to be done. The Mozambican government has identified massive infrastructure backlogs and is committed to improving and extending public and transport infrastructure. Aveng is committed to supporting the initiatives of the government and private sector and to being part of building industrial capacity and infrastructure to support Mozambique’s growth and provide sustainable jobs. We have a proven track record in delivering rail infrastructure‚ and steel and concrete products from our factories across the country. Most recently‚ Aveng was awarded a sub-structure contract on Section 2 of the Nacala Corridor Project‚ which entails earthworks‚ drainage and bridges over the 62‚5km section of rail. With the official opening of our office in Maputo Aveng will be well positioned to expand and participate in Mozambique’s many opportunities.”

The Aveng Group has been involved in a number of other activities in Mozambique‚ including the construction of rail yards in Beira and Moatize‚ and the supply of concrete products such as railway sleepers‚ concrete pipes and culverts. As well as providing essential infrastructure development‚ the Aveng group’s presence in Mozambique will continue to contribute to the employment of Mozambicans. The Nacala (section 2) corridor project and the Manufacturing plant in Tete will create 1‚200 direct and indirect jobs in the region.