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ROME - An Italian junior minister who says she is Silvio Berlusconi's "kamikaze" is complaining after her symbolic resignation was accepted, in one more political melodrama around the flamboyant tycoon.

"I am paying for Silvio," Michaela Biancofiore, a junior minister for public administration and simplification, said in an interview published by the Corriere della Sera daily on Monday.

Biancofiore was one of several ministers and junior ministers from Berlusconi's People of Freedom party who tendered their resignations on September 30 in a Berlusconi-led insurgency.

The ministers complained to Berlusconi and he was forced to change his mind, which means Prime Minister Enrico Letta has allowed them to hold on to their posts, except for Biancofiore.

"This is pure political harassment!" said the slender 42-year-old blonde, who is known mainly for her offensive gaffes and her extravagant praise for the billionaire former prime minister.

A member of parliament, she once described herself as "a kamikaze filled with Berlusconi TNT".

Biancofiore said she had been "ideologically engaged" with Berlusconi since meeting him for the first time at his luxury villa near Milan where he has hosted multiple raunchy dinner parties.

Biancofiore was initially named under secretary at the equal opportunities ministry in Letta's government in April but was transferred after she said gays were a "cast that ghettoizes itself".

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