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Assault of Teacher Immoral: ACDP

The reported assaults on a Western Cape school teacher were "immoral behaviour", the ACDP said on Tuesday.

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"Violent and immoral behaviour cannot be condoned or tolerated and a clear message must go out that learners are at school to learn," African Christian Democratic Party leader in the Western Cape, Ferlon Christians, said in a statement.

"South Africa is reeling from the shock of the immoral behaviour of our school kids."

On Tuesday, the Cape Argus reported that a Cape Town teacher had been physically and verbally abused by pupils at Crestway High School.

Sharidene Meyer, 26, told the newspaper that a few weeks ago a pupil came into the classroom and grabbed and twisted her arm. Another pupil made inappropriate and offensive comments about her breasts.

She went to the Steenberg police station and laid a charge of assault and crimen injuria.

Last Wednesday a pupil set her hair alight, she told the newspaper. She said she had been writing on the board during a Grade Eight history class when a pupil came up behind her and set her hair on fire with a lighter. She told the Cape Argus she had styled her hair in a "wet look" that day and was lucky to escape without too much damage.

She had since taken leave, citing depression, and would not return.

According to the newspaper, police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said both cases were still under investigation.

It reported that education MEC Donald Grant's spokeswoman, Bronagh Casey, said a pupil at the school had been suspended.

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