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Solidarity Concerned Over Manyi Forum

Trade union Solidarity is worried about the establishment of Jimmy Manyi's think tank, the Progressive Professional's Forum (PPF), the Sowetan reported on Tuesday.

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The initiative -- dubbed in its founding documents as a "professional grouping" -- would be unveiled next month.

Solidarity's Dirk Hermann told the Sowetan the formation of the forum was unfortunate as Manyi's racial ideas could infiltrate the highest echelons of the African National Congress.

"We are not going to be concerned if the think tank was independent in thought. Our only problem is Manyi," Hermann was quoted as saying.

"If the think tank is aligned to the ANC, it can send out the signal that the ANC aligns itself with people like Manyi."

Manyi, a former government spokesman, had in the past spearheaded employment equity policies which Solidarity opposed. He told the Sowetan that Solidarity was entitled to its opinions, and that he intended going ahead with the forum.

"We are still at the consulting phase and are going to continue undeterred."

According to the PPF's documents the organisation wanted to "reassert the non-racial and non-xenophobic character of the ANC", reported the Sowetan.

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