All employees currently working in the City of Tshwane's finance department have the required qualifications, the City said on Monday.

"From the level of director to strategic executive director, including the City manager and the deputy City managers... have NQF [national qualifications framework] level seven and above," spokesman Blessing Manale said.

Earlier on Monday the Democratic Alliance claimed that six employees at the city's finance department were not qualified to be in their positions. Spokesman Christo van der Heever said 50 other employees, who did not comply with the regulation of the minimum competency unit standard requirements, would get training at the University of Pretoria.

Van der Heever said the metro had already missed a January 1 deadline, set by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, for all officials in similar positions to have the suitable qualifications.

"He [Gordhan] warned that the deadline of January 1, 2013 as outlined in regulations promulgated in 2007, was not negotiable," Van der Heever.

The city supported the decision to ensure all public sector employees met particular requirements, but added the metro had asked for, and was granted, an extension.

"The request for the extension was made in the light of the fact that the city had just incorporated part of two additional municipalities, being Kungwini and Metsweding.

"In our understanding Minister Ghordan's non-negotiability of the issues implied that the public sector cannot continue without the appropriate skills and expertise," Manale said.