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Animals of the Month - November 2012

Orangutan sings for peanuts

Orangutan sings for peanuts (© www.trogontours.net/Rex Features)
  • Grumpy gorilla (© Bernd Rohrschneider/FLPA/Rex Features)
  • Eagles fighting (© Luke Massey/Rex Features)
  • Orangutan sings for peanuts (© www.trogontours.net/Rex Features)
  • Cormorant eats a perch (© Ben Hall/Rex Features)
  • Tired baboon (© REUTERS/Michael Dalder)
  • Baby deer (© REUTERS/Jose Luis Saavedra)
  • Donkey ticket-seller (© Rex Features/London News Picture)
  • Gecko (© London Zoo/Rex Features)
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Kelly the orangutan is pictured singing for peanuts in her enclosure in Houston Zoo, USA. Well, almost. Kelly gestured to visitors in a bid to get some extra treats, but was pictured in a pose which looks like she has burst into operatic song.

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