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Julius Malema And The EFF

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Julius Malema was very proud to announce that his new party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), will do everything within its power to fight corruption and get rid of “tenderpreneurs” in government.

Boasting a red beret with the letters EFF in bold, Malema explained to journalists at the launch of his “protest movement” in Johannesburg that his political party would not allow corruption to continue.

Malema stated: "This organisation is founded on the principle of anti-corruption. Anybody found guilty of corruption will not comfortably wear the EFF beret."

When Malema was questioned about how the EFF would work with “high-profile” people, including big names like Tokyo Sexwale and Kenny Kunene, he answered that the organisation is only expecting financial and strategic support from powerful people, but it would not expose them.

“They must remain in Cabinet. That’s where power is. If they are going to come (and join), we are not going to recruit them,” he answered.

Some of the big wigs who attended the launch included Fana Mokoena and Golden Miles Bhudu.

Even though the EFF is not registered as a political party as of yet, they are planning their assault on next year's elections.

Malema said some of the main topics the party is going to focus on include the nationalisation of mines as well as the expropriation of land without compensation.

Malema also said the party will fight “against white supremacy and for the restoration of Africans’ dignity”.

Malema did add that the EFF is accessible to all South Africans, including the white population.

“White South Africans, you are more than welcome to join us in the redistribution of land and wealth,” he said.

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