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She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock 'n' roll

She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock'n'roll (© Getty / Rex)
  • You know that house carried by balloons in 'Up'? Some guy made one (© Rex Features)
  • Passenger helps land plane during emergency (© Rex Features)
  • They see you: Stores using mannequins with hidden cameras (© Getty)
  • Cocaine accidentally handed out to trick-or-treaters (© Getty Images)
  • Ladies slicing toes to wear heels in comfort is so hot right now (© Getty Images)
  • She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock'n'roll (© Getty / Rex)
  • Santa may be genetically predisposed to be both jolly and fat (© Getty Images)
  • 'Trapped in the Closet' escapes to Broadway? (© Getty Images)
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Inevitably, Taylor Swift is going to release a song called "I'm Never Dating Again," but until that day the wholesome songstress is steaming ahead, dating a seemingly endless stream of highly-sought male specimens. She's reportedly now dating Harry Styles from the British boy band One Direction, a group that has legions of young female fans in a tizzy (so much so that she's now receiving death threats for encroaching on their Harry). Despite the dangers, it's a win-win cycle Taylor's in, really. She gets to smooch famous cuties, and when they split, she has fresh material for her songwriting. We foresee a single about how she's lost “Direction."

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  • Hepatitis B  Wikimedia Commons\Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    On World Hepatitis Day, 25 organisations and individuals from around the world have called on the DOH and dti to address the public health threat of hepatitis, by implementing hepatitis B immunisation at birth, and reforming national patent laws to promote access to more affordable hepatitis therapies.

  • Ebola virus  Wikimedia Commons\Cynthia Goldsmith Content Providers

    An American doctor in West Africa who has been infected with the Ebola virus has received intensive treatment and was stable, according to Sapa and the Associated Press.


    A retrospective mortality study conducted by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) among Central African refugees in Sido, Chad, reveals extreme levels of death during a violent crackdown against the Central African Republic’s (CAR) Muslim minority.

  • Dystopian fantasy distracts from our dystopian reality

    Two millennia ago the Roman commentator Juvenal wrote of “panem et circensis,” bread and circuses, to demonstrate how the masses had abandoned political responsibility in exchange for full bellies and extreme entertainment. In Juvenal’s times entertainment was of the gladiatorial variety.

  • Van Zijl at it again – for charity and Madiba

    Serial record breaker Andre van Zijl, who has broken 43 different world records of the less common variety, is at it again as he seeks to cycle 6,700km on a spinning bike while sitting in a car.