18 September 2012 10:11 AM | By James Francis
The New Urban Tribes of South Africa

The Empowerment Kugel

The Empowerment Kugel (© James Francis)
  • New Tribes of South Africa (© James Francis)
  • The Diamond Chips (© James Francis)
  • The Faith-Based Youth (© James Francis)
  • The Techno Hippies (© James Francis)
  • The Empowerment Kugel (© James Francis)
  • The Domestic PA (© James Francis)
  • The Afrikaans Artiste (© James Francis)
  • The Indo-Asians (© James Francis)
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The Empowerment Kugel

Forget the image of the traditional Sandton kugel - the proverbial bored housewife who indulges in high-street shopping and lattes with her friends. Empowerment Kugels do all of that too, but they take their roles as Black Diamond matriarchs very seriously. Power, money, and status are important, which is why they are married to business leaders and politicians. Dressed in a mix of Afro and Western chic, they travel often, shop even more and, in between, can be found paging through an issue of O Magazine.

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