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Quotes From Day 1

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial started in the High Court in Pretoria on Monday. Below is a compilation of quotes of the day.

Oscar Pistorius (© POOL)

Oscar Pistorius speaks with a member of his council

"The fear in her voice [Reeva Steenkamp's] was horrific." - State witness Michelle Burger.


"It was very traumatic for me... You can't translate into words the anxiety in her voice." -- Burger.


"She called for help. She screamed terribly and shouted for help. Then I heard a man also call for help. He called for help three times." --Burger.


"I woke up due to the petrified screams of the women." -- Burger.


"It was blood-curling... you can't explain it; you just know, that woman's life was really threatened." -- Burger.


"You only shout like that if your life is being threatened... it was very intense." -- Burger.


"At the very least I would expect you to say... Captain van Aardt [investigating officer] let me tell you, it was blood-curdling. It was not there [in her statement]." -- Pistorius' lawyer Barry Roux, while cross-examining Burger.


"You can't say 'Ek hoor die vrou gille' [I hear the woman screams]." --prosecutor Gerrie Nel, in response to Roux querying Burger's statement in Afrikaans.


"There were only two people in the house, there were no eye witnesses." -- Nel.


"The State's case is based on circumstantial evidence... and on what the neighbours heard...and lead ballistic and forensic evidence." -- Nel.


"There was no argument... It cannot be further from the truth," Pistorius' lawyer Kenny Oldwadge.


"It's not like it's going to help." -- Oldwadge, when asked if he objected to an early lunch break.


"Not guilty, My Lady." -- Oscar Pistorius, after being read out the charges against him.


  • Oscar Pistorius  Gallo Images

    A video of murder-accused Oscar Pistorius re-enacting the scene of the killing of Reeva Steenkamp has only been broadcast in Australia, Beeld newspaper reported on Monday.

  • Oscar Pistorius  Gallo Images

    Cross-examination of a sports and exercise medicine professor who treated murder accused Oscar Pistorius is expected to continue in the paralympian's trial in the High Court in Pretoria on Monday.

  • Witnesses 'would not testify'

    Most witnesses refused to testify for the defence in paralympian Oscar Pistorius's murder trial, his lawyer Barry Roux told the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday.

  • Oscar trial resumes on Tuesday

    The defence team of murder-accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius is expected to close its case on Tuesday at the High Court in Pretoria.

  • Leaked Pistorius footage could change the game

    A guilty verdict in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial could be overturned as a result of leaked footage that was broadcast in Australia on Sunday.


The Deceased

  • Reeva Steenkamp(©Gallo Images)

    Reeva Steenkamp never got to open up the shelter for abused woman and children she had dreamt about. Instead, she herself became a victim of deadly violence.

The Accused

The Judge

The Prosecution

The Investigation Officer

  • Vineshkar Moonoo(©Gallo Images)

    The chief investigating officer in the murder probe against Paralympian Oscar Pretorius -- Lt-Genl Vineshkumar Moonoo -- is a top dog in the world of detectives.

The Defence

  • Barry Roux(©Gallo Images)

    Oscar Pistorius's trial lawyer has fought and won a string of high-profile criminal cases, but found celebrity status when millions followed the athlete's three-day bail hearing last February like a reality television show.