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Quotes From Day 1

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial started in the High Court in Pretoria on Monday. Below is a compilation of quotes of the day.

Oscar Pistorius (© POOL)

Oscar Pistorius speaks with a member of his council

"The fear in her voice [Reeva Steenkamp's] was horrific." - State witness Michelle Burger.


"It was very traumatic for me... You can't translate into words the anxiety in her voice." -- Burger.


"She called for help. She screamed terribly and shouted for help. Then I heard a man also call for help. He called for help three times." --Burger.


"I woke up due to the petrified screams of the women." -- Burger.


"It was blood-curling... you can't explain it; you just know, that woman's life was really threatened." -- Burger.


"You only shout like that if your life is being threatened... it was very intense." -- Burger.


"At the very least I would expect you to say... Captain van Aardt [investigating officer] let me tell you, it was blood-curdling. It was not there [in her statement]." -- Pistorius' lawyer Barry Roux, while cross-examining Burger.


"You can't say 'Ek hoor die vrou gille' [I hear the woman screams]." --prosecutor Gerrie Nel, in response to Roux querying Burger's statement in Afrikaans.


"There were only two people in the house, there were no eye witnesses." -- Nel.


"The State's case is based on circumstantial evidence... and on what the neighbours heard...and lead ballistic and forensic evidence." -- Nel.


"There was no argument... It cannot be further from the truth," Pistorius' lawyer Kenny Oldwadge.


"It's not like it's going to help." -- Oldwadge, when asked if he objected to an early lunch break.


"Not guilty, My Lady." -- Oscar Pistorius, after being read out the charges against him.


  • Gallo Images    Oscar Pistorius verdict

    Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide according to Judge Thokozile Masipa's ruling in his murder trial in the High Court in Pretoria.

  • Oscar Pistorius Verdict   Gallo Images

    Watch a live video feed of the verdict in the trial of athlete Oscar Pistorius, who stands accused of murdering Reeva Steenkamp.

  • Oscar Pistorius Verdict  Gallo Images

    Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius returns to court on Friday to hear whether the High Court in Pretoria found him guilty of culpable homicide.

  • Oscar  Gallo Images

    Judge Thokozile Masipa's verdict that Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp had social networks in an uproar. But why?

  • D-Day for Oscar

    Reeva Steenkamp's family arrived at the High Court in Pretoria soon after 8am on Thursday, ahead of the judgment in Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius' murder trial.


The Deceased

  • Reeva Steenkamp(©Gallo Images)

    Reeva Steenkamp never got to open up the shelter for abused woman and children she had dreamt about. Instead, she herself became a victim of deadly violence.

The Accused

The Judge

The Prosecution

The Investigation Officer

  • Vineshkar Moonoo(©Gallo Images)

    The chief investigating officer in the murder probe against Paralympian Oscar Pretorius -- Lt-Genl Vineshkumar Moonoo -- is a top dog in the world of detectives.

The Defence

  • Barry Roux(©Gallo Images)

    Oscar Pistorius's trial lawyer has fought and won a string of high-profile criminal cases, but found celebrity status when millions followed the athlete's three-day bail hearing last February like a reality television show.