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Mzwandile Masina Is Power-Hungry: ANCYL

The ANC Youth League's national task team (NTT) convenor Mzwandile Masina is power-hungry, members of the league's Tshwane regional executive council charged on Thursday.

Mzwandile Masina (© Gallo Images)

Regional secretary Jacob Makou accused Masina of purging his opponents within the ANCYL.

"He [Masina] lacks critical thinking and visionary leadership. He wants to use the ANCYL to campaign for his uncontrollable ambition to be the deputy secretary of the ANC in the province," Makou said.

"He holds midnight meetings in the city promising his friends to unseat both the ANC and the ANCYL in the province."

The NTT is an interim caretaker body established to rebuild ANCYL structures after its national executive committee was disbanded in March.

Responding to the allegations, Masina said the complaining ANCYL members had scores to settle.

"They are driven by other motives. They make all those allegations without providing any substance. If any member is aggrieved, there are internal structures to cater for complaints. I don't make decisions alone in the NTT. We work as a team."

Masina challenged the disgruntled Tshwane regional leadership to name the politicians they alleged had bribed him. He said he remained unfazed by the allegations in his attempt to rebuild the ANCYL's structures.

"I have nothing to worry about," he said.

However, ANCYL Tshwane regional chairman Sibusiso Ngubeni said Masina was dividing the league.

"Those who do not agree with him are being purged. We are told he is going around the country asking for money from ministers and premiers," he said.

"We cannot suffer because of him doing things which are unprocedural. If they want to come and disband us, they should do so."

Ngubeni said the general focus of rebuilding the ANCYL structures had gone astray.

"His focus is misplaced, his direction is astray. He is not going to achieve anything," Ngubeni said.

"Every time he takes the podium, his pre-occupation is with former members of the league. We want to put a stop into his midnight activities, especially taking brown envelopes."

Last month, the NTT said provincial task team convenors and co-ordinators had been appointed for the ANCYL in four provinces where the structures had been disbanded.

"Guided by the need to re-establish much more organised and focused structures of the ANCYL, we took time to assemble strong teams in the affected provinces," Masina said at the time.

The NTT had disbanded structures in Limpopo, the Free State, North West and the Northern Cape.

The NTT visited the provinces to assess their structures. KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, and the Western Cape had been "reconstituted".


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