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Stilfontein ‘Prophet’ Fails to Rise from the Dead

Stilfontein 'prophet' Kobus van Rensburg has failed to rise from the dead, despite his followers' fervent hopes he would, Beeld reported on Saturday.

Kobus van Rensburg (© Facebook\Prophet.KVR)

Prophet Kobus van Rensburg

"I believed he could rise up until his coffin was lowered," his son Kobus Jnr told the newspaper.

He said that his father awakened six times after he was declared clinically dead.

Facebook followers hoped he would rise again. On Van Rensburg's page Mehharri Ghirmany said that there would be "no funeral, but a resurrection", while Theo Jacobs responded to a query about if the 'prophet' had arisen yet, by saying "Yes, forget about the dolphins and look in the clouds of witnesses".

Van Rensburg - who claimed he had cured thousands of people from various ailments - was buried at the Spirit Works Ministry in Stilfontein on Friday. He died after a long battle with cancer.

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