'Tiger' kills two dogs

Police are investigating a "tiger" attack that claimed the lives of two dogs near Cullinan, police said on Thursday.

Police spokesman Johannes Jafta said that while residents from Moloto village in the KwaMahlangu area near Cullinan had described the animal that had killed two dogs as being a tiger, police could only confirm that it was a "vicious animal" that had killed them.

"One can see that it definitely was not a dog (that killed them)," said Jafta.

The dogs owners had reported that the dogs did not bark. They simply howled when attacked. He said no farmers in the area had reported any missing wild animals, including tigers.

Residents who had apparently witnessed the attack in the early hours of Monday morning had been unable to tell police whether the animal they had seen had spots or stripes. "It was dark when they saw it and they were frightened," said Jafta.

He said there were no other reports of animals being attacked, but the New Age newspaper reported that dogs were attacked while trying to rescue two goats from the beast.

One of the residents, Daniel Mahlangu, told the newspaper that he had seen the wild animal in the kraal after having been woken up by unusual sounds which raised his suspicions.

“I was fast asleep when I heard the goats bleating strangely from the kraal and dogs barking.

“When I peered through the window, I saw a tiger dragging away a carcass of a goat from the kraal, while two dogs were lying dead outside the kraal, along with the remains of another goat,” Mahlangu was quoted as saying.